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The Old Boys RFC was set up by David Bush and Jim Goodman circa 1985. With a fixture list consisting of usually only one fixture vs the current 1st XV as part of the annual Rugby Dinner celebrations, the Old Boys RFC Fund functions mostly to support the club in its endeavours. A huge thank you must be said for Jim and Dave for their efforts in initiating this fund, which has continued to run over the last 30 years. 


The stated aims of the Old Boys RFC Fund are to:

-To be able to purchase items (e.g. kits, equipment) or fund events (e.g. contributions towards Rugby Dinners etc) for the Club that may beyond their financial reach

-Provide services or memorabilia to benefit the Old Boys RFC and its members (eg: honours board, old boys stash)

-To have provide emergency funds to the club if needed.

Many thanks to all of those who already kindly contributed, the funding goes along way within the club and doesn’t go unnoticed and the club are truly grateful. The funds have made substantial differences to the club finances. 


To this end, as we ask for those who do not currently donate to the fund to consider setting up standing orders. As David Bush summed it up perfectly when he set up the fund, “there was a consensus from many of us that we would like to put something back into an institution that had given us so much pleasure during our time as students”. If you feel that you would like to do the same, then we would welcome your support. 

We do not ask for a specific amount, but rather that you contribute whatever you feel is reasonable. In return for your kind donations, the Old Boy Association committee will strive to keep you updated with club news, fixtures and events.


There isn’t a figure that we are asking for specifically, please feel free to be as generous as you’d like. Every donation that we receive will make a huge difference for the Club in years to come to ensure that it thrives.

Those who donate to the fund will be granted membership/benefactor status to the UBMSRFC Old Boys (as listed below). We will endeavour to provide special services (free drinks at events, free postage of kit) to those who are members.

Old Boys RFC Committee


Neil Sharma


Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 13.21.19.png

Dave Bush

Vice President

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 13.23.48.png

Sam Bourke


Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 13.37.09.png

Matt Eskell



Matt Gibson

Club Rep.

Current Members

Dave Ekbery

MH/S Davies

BJ Tones

MJ Matthews

Nik Mann

MN Johnston

Andrew Hextall

CM Davies

David Davies

David Bracey

JS Perks

C P Rice

James Scriven

PJ Jordan

E Watson

RW Williams

MC Smith

D Wainwright

RN Walsh

Seb Molyneux

Iain Rock

Lewis Turner

C Evans

RM Nicholl

Simon Hill

CJ Holland

PS Kenyon

AR Thomas

S Deo

James Pittaway 

David Shore

Duncan Sim

Andrew Charlton

Jeremy Chambers

Peter Doyle


M Henderson

N Wood

S Booth

J Barker

Ben Kennard

Guy Pritchard

John Isaac

Alistair Rowse

Henry Thould

RJ Page

Jim Goodman

Jonathan Wilkinson

James Geoghegan

Guy Webster

J Jordan 

Paul Shone

A Aldren

David Hartwright

B Walsh

Nick Abbott

Martin Cook

Gunraj Pall

Alex Jones

Tom Haigh

Lloyd Collier

L Evans

Angus Kaye

Tristan Creasey

Gary Lambert

Rich Davies

Oliver Old

James Leckenby

Josh Whittaker 

Samuel Bourke

Luke Mason

Chaz Hudson

Richard Hutton

David Bush

Neil Sharma

Simon Hind

Steve Bick

Matt Eskell

John Metcalfe

J Pittaway

David Moore

Jake Thompson

Steffan Griffin

Ronan Yeo

Aidan Butler

Nick Gikas

Tony De Cothi

Paul Evans

Guy Foggitt

Richard Jones


If you have any old photos to share please send them to:

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