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Win for the Airsharks in the NAMS 2s QF

It was a 7-24 victory for the Airsharks (2nd XV) in the Quarter Finals of the National Association of Medical Schools 2nd XV Cup away in Bristol. An excellent result for the lads given that they lost to Bristol in the group stages. Their development as a team has been significantly enhanced by full time coach Bletch. Bletch is funded by the Birmingham Medics Old Boys Society and I know the boys are very thankful to all those who donate to this fund regularly via standing orders. If you are interested in setting up a standing order, it is now easier than ever and can be done in a couple of clicks via the clubs website.

In the SF the Airsharks will face the old enemy Cardiff away. See full fixtures list below.

Highlights of the 2nd XV vs Bristol Medics 2nd XV:Due to fancy new technology in order to watch the match footage of the Airsharks vs Bristol Medics 2nd XV you no longer have to endure shaky motion sickness inducing footage as a poor Fresher attempts to hold the club camera purchased 10 years ago.Via the following link you can watch the whole game with bookmarks below to skip to tries and other notable highlights:

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