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Match Report Vs Litchfield RUFC

Another weekend another display of dominance in the pro 14 that is the midlands reserve division one. The boys rose at the crack of dawn to take on new opponents Lichfield 2s - slightly disturbed by how it would be possibly for men to get that big…

For once we actually had a ref confirmed from the league and despite him looking like a 4th year we kicked off and got off to a flying start. Everything seemed to be going our way with some strong carries and breaks from the boys but Lichfield held strong hitting back with some questionable high tackles and late hits adopting their best Owen Farrell. Until a scrum on their 5m gave me the opportunity to get some points on the board, the boys were back on form! Despite letting them slip through from some poor tackling, our 12 (fresh out of puberty) did something good and added two more to the tally! With the aid of a filthy chip from our 10. We ended the half 3 tries to 2

I think the jelly babies and “spicy water” (@Dwayne) supplied by Bletch didn’t sit well at the half because we seemed to lose that loving feeling and let Lichfield play, boring. All was fine of course, the resident sexpert Jonny Sins finally turned up and thought he should probably do something and run in d.own the wing! We don’t talk about the immediate injury tho…. It seemed like we were back on track, in true deja vu style a scrum happened and I scored again whoops. We held out strongly for the rest of the game regardless of the pressure from Lichfield, Spaffy added 3 from the tee to put us ahead and the rare Scouse man scored with a lovely offload from Brother to secure us the game

Special mentions:

Front row - dominance in scrums and taking them for walks Will squared - filling in for injuries and putting in a shift

MOTM: Slightly Spaffy for controlling the game and setting up some lovely pieces DOTD: Jesus for a horrendous high tackle and getting a yellow

VLC Phstephen

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