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Sharks VS Notts

Team for tomorrow - Notts 2s vs Airsharks in the NAMS 2 Semi.

1. I only play tighthead

2. Hooker in his natural habitat

3. I don’t even play prop

4. Eddie the Eagle

5. Ambiguously undefeated

6. Hooker in the wild

7. A very lost winger

8. Crystal Phallus

9. A nippy 9 (Edgy’s favourite)

11. I am hard yet soft, I am colourful yet clear, I am fruity and sweet, I am jelly. What am I?

12. Slowest fastest man in the world

13. Honey badger or something idk

14. Well this is morkward

15. image

16. The bench, the whole bench, and nothing but the bench

Meet at NCP for 11, don’t be late.

For those going direct address is West Bridgford RFC, Stamford Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 6GF. 14:15 KO. Apparently there are two West Bridgfords so use the post code.

Huge chance for a bit of revenge on Notts, so absolutely no wanking and anyone hungover will receive a strongly worded email.


Not Gibbo

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